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10 years experience. .

A dear friend, a technology consultant with over 20 years of experience, has developed a niche expertise in a SaaS enterprise level package.

His niche is in high demand and commands a premium as the offering is extremely popular and there is a dearth of consultants.

He receives a call from an outsourced recruiter asking him if he is open to opportunities - only to get rejected by virtue of him having less than 10 years of experience in the technology.

The product has only existed for 7 years. . .

Lessons to be learned:

Know your market - if your working in a niche area with a high demand for talent - know what is out there and what it will take to bring people on board. This consultant is HIGHLY sought after.

Don't get stuck on hard rules. If a company is looking for X years experience make sure to focus of the product of the years of experience, not the length of time on a resume.

Identify which skills can be transferable. If your looking for a driver for an 18 wheeler - might a bus driver be qualified? There might be overlap that can easily be applied to the position at hand. Being able to overlook a particular niche can put an employer at a signifcant advantage over the crowd who is looking for someone with experience in a hot industry or technology.

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