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Our Talent Philosphy

First things first

When looking at who to hire there can be a lot of noise and some conventional wisdom which can be a bit misguided. Here's what we've come to learn over time and what guides our selection process.

Identifying priorities - Attitude and Talent

No different than purchasing any item off a store shelf an employer always needs to know what they need from an employee, what it takes to fill those needs and who are the most likely to succeed. 

A car may come with leather seats and sonar based navigation, but if the engine is faulty no one will get where they need to go.

The building blocks of success are attitude (positive energy, a can do approach and positive interaction with others) and talent (aptitude for the tasks required for the role and the personality to fulfill those tasks).

Those are the building blocks of a good candidate - without them there is no path forward - even if they come with decades of experience.

Relevant tools - Skills and Experience

Building on the core, the engine, we look for skills that are relevant and experience that can be leveraged into the role. Can years in one industry work for another? Is selling in the same industry really relevant if the organization's are really different? 

Identifying relevancy can take time and thought but can have tremendous dividends down the road.

How does that change how you do things?

Behind the Resume

It takes some more time and some more digging but when you focus of the nexus of talent success it leads to much better outcomes.

Our approach is not driven by checking boxes or by identifying years of experience, our approach is holistic and takes into account the full 360 view of an organization and candidates. 

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