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Finding the right bus driver. . .

We are really into fit, culture and fitting talent where is fits best.

What makes for the best bus driver?

The first question is what type of talent enjoys working as a bus driver?

Well, bus drivers need to be able to do repetitive work, need to be conscientious in their driving, probably should enjoy the interaction with people that they see on a constant basis and should be attune to riders needs.

Many people - even extremely talented people - would be terrible bus drivers. Not just that they wouldn't like driving a bus - they wouldn't do the job well. For instance:

Risk takers - trying to make the red light with a 20 ton bus - no thank you.

Those who require constant intellectual stimulation - an intellectual might not just become bored but might not be able to focus on the job at hand.

So who would fit the mold? People who take their work seriously, who enjoy meeting new people, who are averse to risk and who enjoy the drive.

That person is MORE QUALIFIED to work as a bus driver than someone at the top of their class or a superstar salesman.

Talent needs to fit the role.

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